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Press Process

Printing Facility
Our state-of-the-art printing machines from Heidelberg and Rotatec have helped expand our capacity manifold.

They can print up to 5 colour-printing plus online coating in a single pass
Sheets up to a maximum size of 700mm x 1020mm can be printed.
Bilomatic machines form the back-bone for our stationery printing division. We are looking forward to adding our third Bilomatic to further enhance our capability.

Thus, precision and automation make for fast make-readies and turnaround times. Our skilled and experienced press-crew can handle demanding jobs, with care and professionalism.

Computer Controlled Registration, Ink-key Preset & Dampening – Our machines help us achieve a rare precision that few others can.

The register (printing of each separation exactly on top of each other) needs to be perfect to get the proper sharpness and detail in the job - the computerized console allows even the minutest adjustments to be made on the fly
The amount of ink required on each part of the sheet is pre-calculated by the computer when making the plates
TThis data is used to automatically set up the ink-keys before the job is started, allowing for faster and more accurate colour matching, and lesser wastage.
Of course, these computer generated values can be tweaked manually as per your requirements at the press, if needed.
The ink-water balance too is controlled from the console to ensure proper emulsification.

Online Coating - The coating unit available on press allows a thin water-based coating of gloss/matt/silk finish to be applied to the sheet. Apart from the aesthetic value, this coating forms a protective layer over the printed surface, giving it rub-resistance and resisting finger-prints and other marks.

Its greatest advantage is that it is almost instant-drying, allowing the other side to be printed immediately and also subsequent processes to start without a lengthy drying period.