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Why Choose Us

Here are some reasons why we excel in what we do, and why we are first choice for the entire Uganda.

Raw-material Inventory:
Being the largest manufacturer of paper items, we maintain large paper inventories to support operation. Find large volumes of paper stocks at any given point of time at our production facility, ensuring readiness of whatever you want.

Quality Adherence:
As a, ISO 9001 : 2000 certified quality manufacturer & printer, we take extra care to thoroughly check every job, small or big, for adherence to set standards. We have the requisite process to test paper quality, ink and all the other intermediaries.

Logistics & Distribution:
Our in-house logistics division ensures faster delivery of your ordered items, saving on precious timelines.

Personal Service:
Feel at home the moment you enter our business premises. Feel it even more when you work with our managers, supervisors, artists, layout designers and staff.

Competitive Price:
Our large scale operation and effective process control enables the best quality output at “the most competitive price” for our job.

With diverse offset printing capabilities catering to commercial and security printing requirements, we cater to a range of printing needs.

High Tech Facilities:
Our latest computer and design facilities are all state-of-art, opening up limitless possibilities in graphics, layout and publication design.

Quick Turn around Time:
Thanks to our modern printing machines and fast processes, we always deliver on time, without fail.

With a total accumulated experience of more than two decades, we deliver nothing less than “Excellence.”